4 Reasons Your Basement is Likely to Flood

August 17, 2015


Floods are the most costly natural disasters in Canada with insurance companies paying billions of dollars to affected policyholders. Why? Basements. Because basements are underground they are more at risk of flooding making it more common and more damaging to experience a flood. Know the causes of flooding to better understand why these disasters happen so often.


During times of heavy rain or snowfall water accumulates in the ground, which leads to seepage in your basement. If you live near a stream, ditch or low-lying area you’re home is more at risk of excess water pooling in the ground. The more water that is in the ground the more water that can seep through the cracks and holes of your home. It’s important to make sure your land is grated properly so that water flows away from the home through the storm drainage system.

Broken Pipes

As your home ages the plumbing gets worn down. Harsh winters and accidental punctures can take a toll plumbing pipes. Therefore, flooding can result in a break of the water supply line causing your house to flood from the inside out.

Sewer Blockage

Sometimes debris gets caught in your plumbing system and forms a blockage in the pipes that takes sewage away from your home. Blockages strain the flow of the pipes creating a terrible back up in your plumbing system. Sometimes, the water level in your pipes gets full as well as the water level in the manholes, which also causes sewage overflow.

Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump is a device installed at the lowest part of a basement that removes water when water enters the space. Improper installment, electrical failure, improper device size and failure to maintain the device are all reason for the sump pump not to work. If the pump fails, the home is at risk of flooding.

Basements are naturally prone to flooding because they sit beneath the ground. Be familiar with your property and areas in which you might be at risk. If you find yourself dealing with a flood or are in need of restoration services call CRCS for any of your needs.

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