Best Home Improvements for Spring

April 14, 2014

Spring has arrived and although snow may still be in the forecast and on the ground, warmer temperatures and longer hours of daylight are here. With the arrival of spring, its time to think about some of the best home improvements you can make. After the harsh winter weather, your home may be in need of some attention both inside and out. Repairing any damages that may have occurred over the winter is a good place to start, but you may also want to consider upgrades and other modifications as well.

Fix the Roof and Inspect Gutters

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home so, ensuring that it is free from damage and in good condition is very important. Inspect the shingles and check for structural damage or leaks in the attic. Spring is the best time to make these improvements to the roof. Look for visible damage or degradation to the shingles to determine if the roof needs to be re-shingled. Also, clean gutters and ensure that water can flow easily through the downspouts and away from the foundation. As snow and ice melt and spring rains come, ensuring that gutters are in good order is important.

Upgrade Windows and Doors

While this can be done in the fall as well, upgrading your home’s windows and doors is a good project for the warmer temperatures of spring. In preparation for both the heat of summer and the following winter, upgrading windows and doors for energy efficiency is a great improvement idea. Single pane windows can be replaced with energy efficient double pane glass for better retention of heat and cold. If you’re in need of a better door, spring is a great time to finally make the upgrade.

Inspect the A/C

In preparation for the summer heat, spring is the ideal time to dust off the A/C unit and inspect it. If you don’t have an A/C, now’s the time to get one installed. Turn the unit on and make sure it runs well. If you notice any problems, have the unit inspected and serviced before you really need it. A little advanced preparation for the hotter months ahead is never a bad thing. Spring transitions to summer pretty fast, so get the A/C ready now.

Start Landscaping

The quintessential spring home improvement project is yard work. From planting a garden to making larger landscaping improvements, adding some aesthetic through foliage and yard organization is a great spring activity. These kinds of projects can also make your home a more attractive sale if you’re putting it on the market this spring. Planting a garden, adding trees, and using rocks, wood chips, patios, fountains, ponds, etc. to make the outside of your home more pleasing and functional are all great home improvement options.

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