We’re Working for You: COVID-19 Update

March 29, 2020

We’re Working for You: COVID-19 Update

As so much of the province of Ontario is closing down, rest assured that at DKI-CRCS, we’re here for you just like we’ve been here for you for the last 40 years. There’s plenty of uncertainty thanks to COVID-19, so we wanted to let you know a few things you can count on.

  1. Our project managers are doing their work remotely, making phone and video calls, handling emails to make sure you’re well looked after. Many of our staff work in hazardous environments and have all the personal protective equipment and safe work protocols, so they will be able to work in your home or business to make sure the job gets done, all without putting them – or you – at risk.
  2. We don’t just plan for rainy days, but for severe storms. Because we think far ahead and plan for worst case scenarios, we’ve stockpiled our most commonly used supplies so that we have everything we need to do our jobs. From lumber to drywall to cleaning supplies, we are ready to respond.
  3. We keep things clean. That means we’ve worked to find the best disinfectants for the work we do. Our day-to-day can mean having to work in mouldy environments, and sometimes with materials like asbestos. We use materials and procedures that ensure a clean work environment for our people, and a clean living environment for you.
  4. We’re ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re making the same promise to you that we’ve always made. We’re there for you when you need us. Keep safe knowing that if things go wrong, we’ll help to make them right.

Of course, we are taking special measures in light of the current state of the world. We’re aiming – as we always do – to keep everyone safe. That includes you, our staff, our sub-trades, and those in our communities. That means that we’re making a few changes.

We’ll adjust to your schedule wherever possible. Do you feel more comfortable waiting to have us come and finish a project? That’s fine. Our project managers will work with you to figure out a plan that suits your needs.

We are focusing our efforts on our Durham Region community. We’ll keep working to look after you in all the ways we’ve been involved. We’re looking at how best to continue our charity work when fundraising events aren’t currently an option. We continue to support Lakeridge Health, (we recently donated 1200 N95 masks) and we hope you will too. We know they’re busy, and they will continue to be working hard to protect us all.

In these challenging times, you can count on DKI-CRCS. We’ve been here for 40+ years, and we’ll continue to be here long into the future. We’re all in this together.

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