Top 3 Sources of Kitchen Fires

May 18, 2013

Top 3 Sources of Kitchen Fires

When it comes to fires, one will typically assume that a fire was started by arson or that a food item caught fire in the stove.  While that may be true much of the time, there are other reasons a fire can start, especially in the kitchen.

  • Improper Cleaning and Maintenance.  Improper cleaning of a kitchen stove, oven, grease trap, or exhaust vent can be a huge source of fire. When the gases are released from the appliance or food being cooked is not properly cleaned from the device, it can often accumulate and become a huge hazard, thus sparking a fire.
  • Electrical Malfunctions. Worn electrical cords, heating cords or wiring can also be a major cause of fire. Often times you do not know that something is wrong, and you go to turn on the stove and because the wiring was messed up, flames start spewing out of your kitchen.
  • Unattended Appliances. Often times when cooking, we will walk upstairs to check on the kids or we will become sidetracked by the phone.  This is one of the worst things you could do, because while that stove or oven is unattended something could easily go wrong: a paper towel that was a little too close could catch on fire and the next thing you know, your kitchen or whole home could be in flames.

In order to ensure your own safety, your families safety, and to protect your valuables, pay close attention when you are in the kitchen.  Never leave items near an open flame, never leave a flame unattended, clean your appliance thoroughly after each use, perform routine maintenance and checkups to be sure your appliances are running in top shape, and most importantly… know how to put out a kitchen fire!

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