Teaching Kids Fire Safety

July 21, 2014

Fire safety is an extremely important part of preparing kids for the world. There are innumerable ways fires can cause property or environmental damage, personal injury, and even death so, taking the initiative to instruct kids on proper fire etiquette and safety protocols can be life saving knowledge. Children should be instructed from a young age of the importance of fire safety and conditioned to see fire as a dangerous element that should only be handled by adults. Educating kids about fire and the reasons for fire safety is more important than simply reducing fire to something fearful. Make sure young kids understand why they need to be careful around fire and let an adult handle it. With a solid understanding of why, kids can make better decisions around fire as they grow older.



One of the most important elements of fire safety to instill in kids is safety around fireworks. This involves handling and being around fireworks. Fireworks are one variant of fire that kids are often exposed to from a young age and even handle. Accidents related to fireworks like burns and maiming are common among children, so always educate your kids on firework safety and monitor them closely around fireworks. Don’t allow young children to handle or ignite fireworks and always supervise older children. Make sure kids understand how to extinguish fires and recognize the importance of safety precautions around fireworks.



These are another leading cause of burns and forest fires when mismanaged. Kids should learn how to responsibly manage and extinguish a campfire. Starting a fire is an important skill, but understanding the importance of properly extinguishing a campfire in the wilderness is vastly more important. Improperly managed and extinguished fires represent a serious risk for forest fires and the only way to reduce this is through education. Teaching kids the importance of fire responsibility, from a young age, is crucial to mitigating this risk. campfire safety should be an integral part of fire safety instruction for kids. Including teaching them how to construct a proper fire pit, understand how to keep the fire under control, and how to properly extinguish the flames,

Fire Emergencies


Teaching your kids what to do in the event of a fire emergency is one of the most important elements of fire safety you can impart. This knowledge is commonly instilled into kids at school during fire safety lessons and drills, but should be reinforced at home as well. Make sure kids understand the proper response to smoke and fire and the importance of calling for help as soon as possible. Instilling the importance of fire safety in your kids will help ensure that they understand the seriousness of fire and respond accordingly.

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