Local Disaster Resource Guide

May 5, 2014

Local Disaster

Ontario Municipal Affairs


This site details the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program and features numerous local municipality resources for disaster planning and relief. For Ontario locals this is a good resource to supplement emergency response planning.

Public Safety Canada


Provincial and territorial programs and a complete listing of federal disaster programs are covered here. There are also numerous resources covering the Canadian National Disaster Strategy and specific information on emergency training, exercises, and specific disaster preparations for residences and businesses.

Canadian Red Cross


The Canadian Red Cross features detailed information on disaster planning and local volunteer opportunities and relief. Information for individuals and families as well as businesses is covered here. As a leading international disaster preparation and relief organization, the Red Cross is a great resource for comprehensive planning.

Get Prepared Canada


This site has hazard specific information for all of Canada. There is also good information on personalized emergency plans and tips for building emergency kits. The Canadian disaster database on site also features a complete listing of over 1000 natural and man-made disasters since 1900 for general reference.

Health Canada


Health Canada has a role as a public safety agency responsible for emergency management and coordination of other agencies across Canada. Information on specific disaster responses and emergency planning is featured here.

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