House Cleaning in a time of COVID19

May 1, 2020

Is your home already spotless? If so, you’re obviously not spending enough time on Netflix. However, now is an ideal time to work through a deep clean of your home, so we’ve got a few tips to help with the process.

Everyone has a lot on their plate right now. If you’re home alone, without work, it’s a stressful time. If you’re a parent with kids who should be in school, your days are overfull. A business owner with staff to think of and uncertain economic times? Yup, stressful! So why take on more that seemingly adds to the stress and anxiety you may already be feeling?

First, it may actually help reduce your stress. There’s plenty of research that validates the idea that getting small things crossed of your list can help you feel more accomplished and boost your mood. Add to that having a cleaner place in which to relax (until your dog shakes off the rain, or kids smear food on the walls) is bound to feel good as well.

Secondly, it’s something different to do. Perhaps some of you have already done a thorough cleaning of your home, and don’t want to do more of the same. In that case, congratulations, and enjoy a movie. For the rest of us, it’s time to build a new music playlist – I favour Motown –  and get out the cleaning supplies.

Part of the advantage to getting the cleaning done comes in that fresh feeling of newness that we love so much about Spring Cleaning. Ok, love might be a strong word while cleaning, but the end result is pretty fantastic.

Getting things clean and tidy also gives a chance to reconsider certain things. After cleaning the spare room, I moved the furniture around and set up a better home office. That got me away from working in the living room, where a comfortable couch and the TV were just a bit too distracting. Today, I’m starting on the patio garden. My To Do list hasn’t really gotten any shorter, but I am moving through it, which brings us back to the first point.

What can you do to make this process more enjoyable? We’ve got some ideas.

First, break things down into smaller tasks. I’ve divided my home by room and take on a new room every few days. This is for a deep cleaning, and once done, I can get back into a rhythm to maintain things overall.

In each room, start off by putting things away. Take this time to sort through and decide if you still need all of the items that are out (as well as the items that haven’t come out in a long time). While many places are not taking donations right now, some in your community might need an item that has been collecting dust in your closet, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, store items you want to give away where they can be easily found and sent off when this is all over.

With items tidied and sorted, get out the cleaning supplies and have a go at the room. Working through my spare room, that started with a broom to collect long-hidden dog fur from behind pieces of furniture. With the furniture pulled out from walls, I saw a new way to arrange things to give some more space and create a fresh work environment. With furniture rearranged, I went to work with a duster, furniture polish, and also mopped the floor. I also noted that the windows need a good cleaning and took the screens out to wash as well. The baseboard heaters got a deep cleaning as well, and I’ve happily noted that the room is in good shape.

Taking time to inspect your home while cleaning is a great opportunity to identify any problems that need some extra attention before they become bigger problems. Hopefully, everything is fine, but if you do turn up an issue, you’ll be glad to get started on fixing the issue.

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