5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

April 3, 2015

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your

Spring is here and with it the normal spring cleaning tasks. It’s not just figuring out the necessary tasks on a checklist that are important, finding ways to make the job easier to manage and more productive all around is just as essential. Use these easy cleaning tips to help you motive, plan, and tackle your spring cleaning projects.


Circle Around

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You know your home better than anyone. Even still, there’s a difference in how you should inspect your home before spring cleaning. Start in one room and circle around, noting everything to the smallest details. Check the baseboards, the ceiling, and everything in between. Make note of the dirtier spots that you may not notice on the day to day.


Look for Deeper Problems


During your initial analysis, carefully search for deeper problems. Look in the corners of the bathroom for potential mould build up, the stove for grease, and the baseboards behind the bed for dust. Note these additional problems, and what you’ll need to fix them.



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Organization projects are a big part of spring cleaning. This can be the easiest way to declutter our homes and lives, getting rid of things we no longer need. Take the time to look through your closets, getting rid of clothing, games, and other objects you no longer have need of. Reduce the clutter in your home, giving it a clean feeling again.


Identify the Dangers


While you should be keeping your home clean on a regular basis, sometimes it takes a deep spring cleaning to find these potential dangers. In addition to this, the spring thaw may lead to a necessary flooded basement cleanup. If this isn’t attended to quickly, mould may grow. black mould is especially dangerous and should be carefully removed. Assess your deeper problem and determine whether you can include it in your spring cleaning project, or if you need the help of a professional.


Take it One Step at a Time

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Spring cleaning doesn’t happen overnight. Trying to tackle it in one day will likely stress and burn you out, leading to only a portion of your home being clean. Schedule a block of time every day or a few times a week to work on spring cleaning projects. Even if it takes you a few weeks or even months to complete, you won’t get burned out from the tasks.


Do your spring cleaning right this year. To avoid getting overwhelmed, do an assessment of your home, determining what it needs. Once you have a good idea, schedule out time in increments rather than tackling the task all at once. These prior steps will make your spring cleaning project faster and more productive.


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