What Should I Do After a House Fire?

March 13, 2015

For many, a house fire can be devastating. Depending on how severe the damage is, you could be picking up the pieces of your life for a long time following the disaster. No matter how much damage is done, there are a few steps you can take to help your family recover after a house fire. Do these things to get your home back in order.


Don’t Go Inside Until You Hear It’s Safe


Directly following a house fire, your home may not be stable. Don’t re-enter the home until an authority figure has told you it is safe to do so. There may be structural damage to the home, depending on how extensive the fire was, that will not be stable. Rather than taking the risk, wait until you know for sure it is safe to enter. If the damage is too much, you may not be allowed inside till after the restoration process.

Call the Right People


During the fire, it is crucial that you call emergency fire immediately. After they have it under control, there are a few other people who should be contactacted:


  • Family members – contact family members who weren’t present for the fire. This is especially important if these family members live with you. Give any necessary information, especially a confirmation that you are ok.
  • Insurance – don’t expect that following a fire you will automatically be contacted by your insurance. Start the insurance claim process to save your financial safety.
  • Disaster restoration – often times the insurance will contact a disaster restoration company to help restore your home. Make sure that they refer you to a disaster restoration company you can trust.


Attending to Every Issue


After a fire, the restoration process deals with more than just the fire damage caused by the flames. Smoke damage can be just as lasting and damaging to your home. In addition to this, it is difficult to remove smoke damage, particularly the smell from your home.

While the structure of your home is often the focus in restoration after a fire, contents restoration is vital as well. What goes into your house is what makes it a home. Don’t let your most precious items be ruined by a fire, make them part of the restoration process.

A home fire can be devastating. Take the required steps to get your home back on track. Don’t be lost after the damage, get your life back together. Call CRCS to restore your home after fire damage: 800-563-3477

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