Today’s Tech and Your Restoration Project

June 23, 2021

Evaluating the restoration needs of a home used to require site visits that were time consuming and meant our staff manually documenting all damage to a home using a variety of tools. DKI-CRCS has been testing new technology that allows us to catalog the restoration needs of your home in a fraction of the time, bringing a host of benefits.

So much of the time spent in documenting damage in a home meant extensive photography, taking detailed measurements, translating to hours of work. All of this added up to more time required before we would be able to submit estimates to the insurance company, delaying the work of getting a client’s home or business back to normal. We’re now testing out new equipment and software that allows us to quickly generate 3D images of a home and use software to determine measurements while we’re at it.

The end result is similar to a 3D home tour you’d see on a realtor’s website but gives so much more for our project managers to work with. While the software can create sketches of the home with dimensions, one of the most powerful features is how quickly our project managers can get a comprehensive evaluation of the damage, speeding along the start of your claim.

We have also been testing another software package that allows us to get measurements of the exterior of a building to estimate windows and exterior finishes more quickly. We can even use this to determine roofing needs as well. It’s quick and can be done using a smartphone camera – ideal for our project managers. Though final measurements will be verified by one of our tradespeople, this software has generated measurements that have proven valuable in building out our estimates.

Aside from the time saved by these two processes, there’s the added advantage that it minimizes time at a client’s home, and in the case of the exterior measurements, is virtually contact-less. These advantages have really shown their worth over the last year as we continue to address restoration needs during the pandemic.

Up to now, we’ve been evaluating these methods against our older tools, and we’ve been impressed. This allows time savings and is less intrusive, and on top of that has proven more accurate than some of our past methods (which were already really good). Our project managers now have more time to spend with our clients, safely walking them through the restoration process and providing excellent client support. As we get more comfortable with the end results, we’ll likely roll these tools out for all of our projects.

Meanwhile, you can still expect the same level of care and professionalism that is the foundation of our entire business. We know that in our line of work, we meet people on some of the most challenging days of their lives. We never forget that when we arrive at the home of a client, and we continue to refine our business by putting our clients first and finding new ways to serve them better every day.

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