Sub Trade Spotlight: Beetham Electric

March 1, 2022

Electrical systems in a home are one of those “out of sight, out of mind” sort of things; as long as the light comes on when you flip the switch and your phone charges when it is plugged in, everything is good, right? Most of the time, when properly designed and installed, yes.

But shoddy work or old components can cause problems. Having work done by a licensed electrical contractor is an important step any home or business owner can take to ensure their property runs safely.

DKI-CRCS has worked with Scott Beetham and Beetham Electric on many projects. We know we can count on Beetham for excellent work, and professional client care. Scott Beetham has built his business around restoration work, which means he and his team know the challenges of working in a building that has been damaged by any number of forces.

“I started the company in 2013,” said Scott Beetham. “Now we’ve got 5 vans, and nearly ten electricians plus a manager that help get all of the work done.”

Beetham’s own experience in the electrical trade started long before that. His 18-year history started working for other companies as he worked through his apprenticeship. He got to work on a variety of projects including residential and commercial. The last company he worked for was an example of how not to treat employees. He’s now careful to treat his employees well.

All of that experience also gave him the time to work through the various certifications within the trade. The apprenticeship phase took 5 years of experience before he could become a licensed electrician.

“After that, a further three years of work is required before becoming a Master Electrician,” said Beetham. “After that, someone become a licensed electrical contractor and start their own business.”

Beyond the experience, there’s additional reasons to become a licensed contractor. Without that designation, an electrician isn’t supposed to do work on their own. Part of that is that a licensed electrical contractor can handle permits and conduct inspections. Contractors also assume the liability for the company’s work, so it’s in Beetham’s best interests to make sure his crews do top-notch work.

At DKI-CRCS, we count on Beetham electric for their technical skills, but also their experience in restoration. They’re available on-call around the clock to respond as soon as is needed. They understand their responsibilities on site and can work with the Electrical Safety Authority to ensure power to a home is restored as soon as is safe so that clients can return home. Their experience also means that Beetham and his team can quickly and correctly assess damage to an electrical system.

Beetham also puts a strong focus on the value of strong customer service.

“Every job is different, and we need to respond to that,” said Beetham. “Some things though are just part of how we do our job. We’re courteous, respectful, and we take time to show the client what we’re doing. We wear booties over our workboots, wear masks and we’re careful not to leave fingerprints on the walls.”

While Scott Beetham isn’t on the tools very often anymore, he does visit every job site to make sure the work is done well and on schedule.

“People want to stay in their home if possible, or return as quickly as possible,” said Beetham. “We do our part to make that a reality.”

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