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January 19, 2021

Laps 4 Lakeridge Health

With the start of the new year, Matt and Kyle Douglas launched a new effort to generate support for the Lakeridge Health Foundation, called Laps 4 Lakeridge. With the family’s long-standing enthusiasm for cycling, it’s no surprise that the campaign involves fun on two wheels.

“My brother and I are trying to bring some positive vibes to 2021 through two things that are close to our hearts: cycling and local health care,” said Kyle.  “We’re supporting the Mental Health Program at Lakeridge Health Oshawa.”

“2020 was such a hard year in so many different ways,” said Matt. “Prevention is important, and so is supporting those in crisis. That’s a big part of why we’ve chosen this cause for our campaign.”

The pair have made arrangements to do laps of a public forest using Norco fat-bikes. For eight hours on January 30, 2021, the two brothers will ride in whatever nature serves up, and with a polar vortex in the forecast, it could make for one chilly challenge.

“The newest restrictions in Ontario are something we’ve looked at very closely,” said Matt. “We are challenging ourselves within the current rules and are working to make sure that our plan is respectful of the current restrictions. Our top priority is conducting a fundraising challenge that is careful and responsible in the current pandemic environment.”

The initial fundraising goal of $10,000 was doubled by mid-January, evidence of the strong support being felt for mental health care.

Corporate sponsors have also stepped forward. Norco Bicycles, Garneau, and Smith Optics represent the bike industry collaborators. The Oshawa Centre, Petley-Hare Limited, Royal Ashburn Golf Course, HMA: The Benefits People and Frantastic Events are joining as key partners in the community.

The effort is part of a larger DayShift fundraising program in support of the Lakeridge Health Foundation. The campaign encourages participants to create a challenge for an activity they can do for eight hours, build out a fundraising page using simple, easy-to-use tools, and reach out to their networks in support of the Lakeridge Health Foundation. Challenges can be completed in one eight-hour chunk, split into smaller segments – perhaps eight 1-hour blocks – or split across multiple participants, for example, four people each taking a two-hour slot.

“The Dayshift program was the result of a brainstorm on how to get people to create their own fundraising challenge,” said Matt. “It’s an excellent opportunity to do something fun and create a good experience during these dark times.”

If you’re interested in developing your own challenge to raise funds, check out the Dayshift website for more information on how to make your mark.

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