Charitable Thinking During The Holiday Season

December 21, 2020

As 2020 winds down, many of us are feeling worn out. Given everything that has gone on this year, it’s no wonder. And yet, as we reflect on the year that has been, and the year ahead, we continue to come back to one of our core beliefs – the power of community.

This power has been showcased all year long as we settled into new restrictions in order to put the health of our entire community first. That’s meant fewer restrictions in Durham region than other parts of the GTA. We’ve found new ways to celebrate and enjoy important traditions, and we continue to reach out to those in need, giving dollars and supplies to organizations in need.

Lakeridge Health Foundation has been able to continue their support of quality healthcare in Durham thanks to the outpouring of support shown by our community. It’s true, health has been front of mind this year, but in a time that has also been a challenge for many, people have shown up to show what matters.

“We’ve donated PPE items, but we’ve also seen the community rally around Lakeridge Health and the important work done by the foundation,” said Matt Douglas, vice president of business development at DKI-CRCS, and member of Lakeridge Health Foundations’s Launchpad program.

The same can be said for Steps For Life, an event dedicated to supporting the families of those impacted by workplace accidents. 2020 was meant to be a major anniversary for the event, and while we couldn’t all gather in person, each of us found our own way to get out and walk while garnering support for the important mission of Threads for Life.

“It was great to see people get out on their own walks this year and share their support for Steps. Our committee has been really excited about what we’ve done in the last ten years, and we look forward to gathering again soon,” said Ryan Douglas, Steps for Life committee member and

Meanwhile, Epilepsy Durham Region had to twice-postpone the annual golf tournament, eventually teeing off in October. The funding has been down this year, but the focus is the same – continue to support those who live with epilepsy and work to help improve their lives.

“There’s no doubt it’s been a hard year, but this is when we dig in and work even harder. I strongly believe in the importance of Epilepsy Durham Region’s mission, and that keeps me motivated,” said Cris Douglas, President of the Board of Directors for Epilepsy Durham Region, and founder of DKI-CRCS.

At DKI-CRCS, we’re used to stepping up when situations go bad. We’ve always believed that showing care and regard for our clients and community is vital for everyone’s well-being. We’ve been privileged to offer our support in both funds and volunteer time to the Durham region, and we look forward to doing more in 2021.

“Not everyone is in a position to give money or make other donations right now, and that’s totally ok,” said Ryan. “If you’ve got time, find a charity that matters to you and get involved. It doesn’t have to take a lot, and you’ll be doing important work for our community here in the Durham Region.”

Any sort of support is needed right now. People are feeling overwhelmed and burned out, which leaves opportunity to reach out and find ways of providing support.

“I’ve been buying groceries for our neighbour for months now,” said Kyle Douglas, vice president of operations at DKI-CRCS. “They’re in their eighties, and this is one small way to help minimize harm.”

Kyle has also gathered together with 15 friends to pool resources and donate to the Rotary club so they can support a family during the holidays.

“Giving doesn’t only have to be through established charities right now. It can be as simple as buying someone coffee,” said Kyle. “All of these little one percent pieces really add up.”

Building communities can be as simple as keeping an eye open and seeing ways to say hello and help out. As winter sets in, maybe a neighbour needs a hand clearing snow or taking out the recycling. Perhaps making extra food and dropping it off to someone living alone might brighten a day. Heading into 2021, we encourage everyone to get involved in their communities. Not only will you be helping someone feel better, you may find you feel better as well.

From all of us at DKI-CRCS, Happy New Year.

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